Flash Fiction (Short Stories)


The Hurtful Truth

A letter of gratitude

The couple

At the airport



A deserted planet



The Hourglass (Part 2)

Caught red-handed

The Secret

Rhinos’ conversation

Stand by her

The boy

Dad’s favourite

A good-to-have junk


New Year


An Unusual Discovery

A Postcard

An Unexpected Cave

Back to dust


The Creepy Lab

Best New Year’s GIft

Birth of another adventure?

Hershey’s kiss

An unusual vase

A Christmas spell

Accidental spell

What’s your Christmas wish?

Will I find him?

The Last Dinner

Liquid soaps’ woes


Green Man

The Christmas Fairies (Part 2)

The Christmas Fairies (Part 1)

Is it morning yet?

An unforgettable memory

A familiar street

Are you an alien?

FFfAW Challenge #40

A Colourful Life

The statue of Jane

Unexpected Prom night

Life of a butterfly

That fateful rainy day

The Last Trip

“I want my pillow back!”

Time Travel

Her glorious day

My Heroes

Knock! Knock! Who’s there?

Goosey Talk

The old driftwood house

Farewell to Mango Tree

The most precious gift

“Not another dance!”

My secret mission

Dear diary

Friends forever or never?