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Solitude (Photography 101: Day 5)

Solitude & the “Rule of the Thirds”


Slow and steady,

there’s no hurry.

No need traffic,

always ready.

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Bliss (Photography 101: Day 4)

Bliss & Captions

‘Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven.’

To me, bliss is…

… reading

… and living in the fantasy world of stories

… away from reality.

books in library
A collection of books – in the library
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Water (Photography 101: Day 3)


“Take a picture of me!”

Who’s that talking to me? There wasn’t a single soul here.  Was it the metalic bird statue on the right? Or the flying bird statue on the left?

“Take a picture of me!”

There it goes again! I closed my eyes, and listened with my heart.

“Take a picture of me, please?”

The voice came from the leaning coconut tree! A tree that many had missed. It must be craving for attention, else it would not be leaning towards the centre of the pond.

“You’ve got it, pal!” I shouted.

(Click!) Then, there was a sudden gust of wind, and the tree was swaying it branches happily, as if it was saying thank you.

“You’re welcome!” I shouted, and it stopped swaying.

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Photography 101, Day 3: Water and Orientation

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Street (Photography 101: Day 2)


Street & Establishing Shots

Day 2 of Photography 101 is to capture street snapshot, in our neighborhood — or explore someplace new!

Just know that if you want to take an establishing shot, you’ll want to capture a wide view, rather than close-up view, of what you’re seeing.

Foreground: blue slide
Background: playground

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Home (Photography 101: Day 1)

img_5347 Photo 101, Day 1: Home

Home, a place where one lives with his/her love ones, regardless of location.

This is yesterday’s assignment. I’m late. March is a very very busy month, but I didn’t want to miss this course. It’s better late than never! 😀

p.s. I’ve reduced the resolution as my storage is limited. 🙂

Photo taken using iPhone 6+.