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A tribute to my grandma

Motionless you laid
on the hospital bed
You looked as calm as summer sea
As peaceful as sleep

Your life was full of challenges
and numerous obstacles
Yet, you overcame them all
like a pinch of salt

You never sulked
You never doubted
You were as meek as dove
You never questioned Him above

A fruitful life you’d led
you had no regrets
The memories you’d left behind
remains forever in our mind

A beautiful rainbow we saw
on the day of your cremation
Symbolised your blessings for all
your children, grandchildren and next generation

Our dearest grandma,
We love you
and we are grateful
for everything that you had done for us.
❤ Rest in peace, our beloved grandma ❤

My grandma passed away on 25 August 2017. Today is the 7th day since her passing. Hence, I’m writing this poem as a love gift for her.


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