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Water (Photography 101: Day 3)


“Take a picture of me!”

Who’s that talking to me? There wasn’t a single soul here.  Was it the metalic bird statue on the right? Or the flying bird statue on the left?

“Take a picture of me!”

There it goes again! I closed my eyes, and listened with my heart.

“Take a picture of me, please?”

The voice came from the leaning coconut tree! A tree that many had missed. It must be craving for attention, else it would not be leaning towards the centre of the pond.

“You’ve got it, pal!” I shouted.

(Click!) Then, there was a sudden gust of wind, and the tree was swaying it branches happily, as if it was saying thank you.

“You’re welcome!” I shouted, and it stopped swaying.

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Photography 101, Day 3: Water and Orientation


38 thoughts on “Water (Photography 101: Day 3)

      1. I guess that would depend on how feel about it (regarding publishing). But then again, a person can always be too self critical. I won’t ask if you will do it again – November is far away and I can wait to see 😊

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