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FFfAW #52: The boy

Photo by Ady

“Ruth, why do you always sit at the red bench?”

“I talk to my friend everyday, mom.”

“Friend?! What friend?”

“Andy! He’s eleven. He’s such a poor thing… he has been waiting for his mother for years but she never turns up, so I try to keep him company. At least, he won’t feel so lonely.”

Her mother turned pale. Is he that eleven-year-old boy who died of hunger while waiting for his mother ten years ago? People rumoured about sighting the boy’s spirit there, so it’s true!

Standing at her kitchen window, which was directly facing the bench, she stared hard at it but could not see anything.

Suddenly, Ruth’s action startled her.

“Who are you waving to, Ruth?”

“Andy! He’s standing outside our window, waving to us! Can’t you see him, mom?”


Β© 2016 Fun Simplicity @ Simply Me. All Rights Reserved.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Challenge #52. Thank you Priceless Joy for hosting this weekly challenge, and thanks to Ady for providing the photo prompt.


59 thoughts on “FFfAW #52: The boy

      1. Some paranormal movies can have psychological effect on me, like the Ring (Japanese horror movie). Actually it wasn’t that scary, but I couldn’t sleep for weeks as the images of the scene kept flashing in my mind. LOL! πŸ˜€


  1. Really interesting. I like the idea that children can somehow communicate with those who have passed on. They see what adults can’t. If it were real I would think it nice the little girl had a friend and that he had her after starving to death. But also kind of an eerie feel to this story.

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    1. My elders always say children can see what adults can’t. Thus they often warn us not to bring children, especially the very young ones, to cemetery. I’ll freak out if the one I’m talking to is non-human. Haha! πŸ˜€ Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

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      1. Interesting. When I was in grade one and we were travelling by a cemetery all the kids would hold the breath, so the evil spirits couldn’t get in. A silly superstition considering no one could hold their breath long enough as we passed the graveyard. Thanks.

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  2. I think it is true that children can see things we don’t… I remember several times when our granddaughter acted like she saw something, yet, we saw nothing. This stopped by the time she was about five years old. In this case, maybe her daughter can have some influence in the child moving on and not continue to wait there. This is a great story. I guess it is like so many unexplained things in our life…either you believe or you don’t. Or perhaps you just think it may be possible.

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  3. Great story, Fun! Can I just say I’m a scared cat? Geez, this reminds me of that weird feeling I get whenever I see kids suddenly smiling or staring at nothing. Creepy! THOUGH I can’t help but feel bad for the boy… no one deserves to suffer such state. 😦

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    1. Of course you may, ‘cos I’m one too! πŸ˜€ I have goosebumps whenever I see kids smiling or staring at nothing too. Writing the story is fine but actually seeing one will freak me out! Haha! πŸ˜€ Thank you, Maria. I love to hear from you! You never fail to make me smile πŸ˜€

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      1. CREEPY! Those things that we couldn’t see. You really did a great job writing this one despite the fact that you were scared, Fun! I haven’t tried writing a scary one.
        P.S forgive me for the delayed response. I just came from a two-day camping in an island with no connection. And oh, I love hearing from you too. Happy Valentines! *SMILES* πŸ˜€ :*

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    1. He’s harmless. I think he has “unfinished business” that’s why he’s still wandering there instead of move on. Maybe Ruth could help him move on. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your kind read and comment. πŸ™‚


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