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My comments are being marked as SPAM AGAIN!!!

spamMy comments are being marked as spam again!!! This is the third time within three months. I’m getting really sick of this. 😦 Does WordPress or Akismet hate me that much? Why am I constantly being marked as spam?

Thus I will not comment again, till WP settle this issue. I had already commented on some of the blogs, and likelihood my comments had ended up at your spam box or outer space. Outer space? Yes! Some comments just disappeared without a trace. This is so frustrating.

Updated 6th Feb, 7.30pm
Finally, this problem is solved! Hurray! ❀️❀️❀️ πŸ˜€

1) Goto

2) Type the word spam in the search box to see the form and select β€œI think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake.”

3) Fill in the form and wait for Akismet Happiness Engineer to contact you.


123 thoughts on “My comments are being marked as SPAM AGAIN!!!

      1. Yup. Had just dropped them an email. Hope they won’t take long to reply. ‘Cos after that I still need to fill in a form and include the sites that the comments disappeared (I cannot remember all the sites though). Then they will investigate.

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      2. No. I haven’t reach your post (I read from mostly my email as a lot of posts didn’t appear in my reader). So after commenting on few posts, I realised that my comments disappear. Then I stopped commenting. 😦


  1. I experience this issue all the time. Maybe it started in September. All comments, all my posts, most of everyone’s posts all go through to my junk mail account. I’m not sure why, before all WordPress email came to my inbox. Weird no?

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    1. Yes, very weird! I was marked as spam commenter twice in Nov, and now. A lot of weird happenings here. A lot of post don’t appear in my reader too! Luckily I receive email notification. But reading that can be a huge task as my mail box is always flooded! Many replies I made also marked as unread on the next day, and I had to reply all over again.

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      1. Hmmm something is definitely up there. Your replies should show up. You shouldn’t have to re-reply a second time, how time consuming. I would talk to the guys in WordPress help. Last time I had an issue I chatted with them.

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      2. Precisely! But yet it’s not nice to leave the comments un-replied. So I just replied again, hoping they didn’t receive 2 similar replies πŸ˜€ Aliens are attacking this blogosphere! LOL! πŸ˜€

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      3. Sorry girl, there is nothing. I checked my blog in the WordPress application on my IPad and I went in the browser and looked at my blogs in there and no comments from you. Sometimes I get comments that appear during the night in my inbox/junk so I’ll let you know tomorrow if there is still no comments. Sorry, this must be frustrating for you! I am getting your likes on my comments.

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      1. I miss you too! I really love to chat with you and I look forward to reading your comment. So this stupid WP spam your comments! 😦 So angry with them 😦 Glad I can see your comments now. πŸ™‚

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      1. I went back to those posts and thought, well if her comments disappeared, then so did my reply to them. So, I guess I didn’t get a chance to see your comments. I’m going one more time to check my spam folder.

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      2. Oh, well maybe they are the ones you are suppose to talk to. But it doesn’t hurt to send a request to WordPress either. Maybe they will forward it and get the ball rolling faster.


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