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FFftPP & Just Jot It January 29: Ghost

white building

This… was my house. I still live here, though not physically.

It has changed many owners… after me.

They never stayed longer than a week. Some left the very next day. Is it that difficult to live with me? I didn’t do anything to them?

One complained about a floating milk bottle. I was merely drinking from the bottle of milk that I had bought! It’s mine! I have the right to drink it. He moved out the next day.

Another complained about the television turning on by itself. I was watching a football match on the couch! What’s wrong with that? Then, she complained that her towel floated in the air. Come on! She had forgotten to bring in her towel, and I was doing her a service! She left two days later.

The third ended up in a hospital just after staying for one night! I was only combing my long hair in front of the mirror! Oops! I forgot! I placed my head on the dressing table. It’s easier to comb that way. Next time, I shall leave my head intact.

Now everyone says my house is haunted. I didn’t haunt anyone. I merely co-exist with them!

(200 words)

© 2016 Fun Simplicity @ Simply Me. All Rights Reserved.

Written for the January 29th Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner – hosted by Roger Shipp,  and Just Jot It January 29: Ghost – hosted by Linda G Hill. The “Ghost” prompt is brought to you by Barbara at teleportingweena. Thank you, Roger, Linda and Barbara.



80 thoughts on “FFftPP & Just Jot It January 29: Ghost

      1. Thank you. Please feel free to drop in and say hi anytime. My posts are long (sorry) but there are only two a week and it seems most people who are not instantly put off by the wall of words and manage the first two short paragraphs usually manage on to the end.

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      2. I read the most recent two posts but didn’t comment as your number of comments are huge! 😄 I love your posts, there’re so much humour in them. I chuckled as I read along (ps: please don’t be mistaken, I’m not gloating over your sore throat or hair.) I’m looking forward to read your next post. 😄

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