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Friday Fictioneers: New Year


“What are you doing?”

“Scrubbing the wall… obviously!”


“Mom ordered me to… because relatives are coming over for the Lunar New Year!”

“You… want them to come?!”

“Nope, I don’t… they always sleep over just because our house is soooo BIIIGGGG!”

“I’ve an idea…” Ken whispered into Kath’s ear.


The night before New Year, Ken and Kath took their cotton balls and hairspray, and started to make cobwebs around the gate and walls. They added some plastic spiders on the web and cockroaches around the gate.

“What if mom sees this?”

“Don’t worry… she’s too busy preparing the dishes.”

(100 words)

© 2016 Fun Simplicity @ Simply Me. All Rights Reserved.

Written for Friday Fictioneers. Thank you, Rochelle, for hosting this challenge. Thanks to Ceayr for providing the photo.


68 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: New Year

  1. Lovely story and great fun. I hope the webs and spiders scare the relatives. I would just like to be there too watch. If I didn’t know any better I might think the spiders etc are real if I was visiting family. It would scare me if I wasn’t paying attention. Great take on the prompt

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      1. I’m still learning it but it is good. I like it. But I still prefer my landline. Today, I burned up my landline. I was trying a different cord to see if I could get rid of that static. Suddenly, the phone started smoking!! I had to unplug it real quick and go buy a new landline phone. 😦

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      2. No, I had to get the iphone because my landline went on the fritz – a bunch of static and Century Link won’t come fix it for me. They said I need a new phone. I had a very good phone and didn’t want a new phone. So I bought an iphone to do most of my calling with. But I still want my landline. Deb told me that if you change out the cord it will often get rid of that static. So I was changing the cord and that’s when it blew up. I heard it blow and it started smoking! It scared me!


      3. Sigh… The pre-lunar new year stress syndrome… If there’s a term for it. LOL! With all the spring cleaning, planning for the reunion dinner… Etc. We haven’t even buy new shoes! Luckily we bought some new clothes during sale few months ago.


      4. I’ll just splash paint all over! LOL! Anyway, at the end of the day, the shoes will be dirty due to all the trampling 😦 (during house visiting, there are many friends and relatives, so shoes are everywhere. And when they have no place to walk, they’d trample on the shoes. Sometimes, we even have a hard time locating the other side of our shoe. LOL!)


  2. LOL’s. But not for the mom or guests! I think the kids are in trouble and won’t be laughing when the mom discovers what they did (and mom’s usually do find out) However, they have built some memories that they can laugh at in later years of their life! 😁

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