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Just Jot It January 21: Mittens


My little fingers hide

In my mom-knitted mittens.

My little hands look like balls of yarn

Attracts all the little kittens.

Β© 2016 Fun Simplicity @ Simply Me. All Rights Reserved.

Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Thank you, Linda. To join in the fun, click here. Thanks to Candy for providing the prompt.


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70 thoughts on “Just Jot It January 21: Mittens

      1. Mostly resolved yesterday! I was so happy. Maybe that’s why I was able to write 3 posts in a day! πŸ˜‚ Thank you so much for your concern, PJ. Thanks for keeping me in prayer. 😘😘😘


      2. Oh, now I know. I use Bluetooth keyboard too for my iPad. I’ll turn off the Bluetooth keyboard and switch to iPad keyboard when I want to use emoji. A bit of the hassle but it’s workable.


      3. Do you have an iphone? I just ordered an iphone 6 this morning. (I am still using the very first cell phone I ever got. Haha!) Are they hard to use? I already use an ipad, but have never used an iphone.

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      4. My only problem is typing on the keys. I find it small for my fingers so I always ended up typing the wrong letter. It can also be paired with the Bluetooth keyboard. Mine is Logitech keyboard, which can be paired up to 3 devices.


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