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#SoCS Jan 2nd & #JusJoJan

This is my first time participating in Stream of Consciousness Saturday. The rule says the post must be “stream of consciousness writing, meaning no editing, (typos can be fixed) and minimal planning” on what I’m going to write. The prompt is “pause/paws.” So let’s see where this will lead.

I laid on the grass patch near to the reservoir, enjoying every minute of peace and tranquillity. The trees shaded me from the morning sun, while the morning breeze caressed my cheeks. I closed my eyes, thinking that I would fall into a deep sleep – something that I was deprived off.

Is it raining? What’s that drip on my cheek? I wiped it off, with my eyes still closed. I would not mind the rain. I love to play in the rain, dance in the rain, cycle in the rain… maybe now I should sleep in the rain.

But it’s not dripping any more. Instead, I felt something licking me! Geeez! Who’s that interrupting my morning nap? I opened my eyes to see a pair of gigantic eyes staring at me. Have I fallen asleep? Am I dreaming? Haha! Maybe I’m dreaming about aliens again. I sat up to greet my new alien friend, only to be disappointed by what I saw. It’s a golden retriever!

“Hello, buddy! What are you doing here? Are you alone?” I knew people who heard me would think that I was crazy to talk to a dog. But who cares!

“Hello! I’m Gabby!”

Oh my goodness! Did it come from the dog? Is she talking to me? She can talk? Amazing!!! I’m definitely dreaming.

“No! You are not dreaming! I can talk. Ain’t I’m talking to you now? I’m not talking to the grass or trees you know?! They can’t talk!”

I stood there dumbfounded. A dog who can read my mind is talking to me. Incredible!

“Are you going to stare at me forever? I know that I’m beautiful, with my golden coat. But staring at dogs is rude!”

“Oops! I’m sorry… I… I just… don’t know how to react? How can you talk?”

“You prayed for a talking dog didn’t you? So here I am?”

“Wow! This is incredibly awesome! So if I pray for a house, do I get it right away?”

“Be realistic, friend. You have to work to earn it.”

“Then why don’t I need to work to earn you?”

“Because I’m a miracle. There’s no other dogs like me. You’ll have to pray for it.”

“You are just awesome… awesome…”

“I know… you don’t have to repeat that.”

Just as I was chatting happily with my new found talking furry friend, something hit me on the head. I lost consciousness.

When I regained consciousness, I was all alone, lying on the grass patch. I saw a fallen coconut lying next to me. It must had hit me. I looked up and saw a sign standing near the trees saying, “Beware of falling coconuts.”

Stupid coconut! I knew it! It was a dream. There’s no talking dog. Will I see my amazing friend again if I sleep now? Still it was a wonderful dream.


© 2016 Fun Simplicity @ Simply Me. All Rights Reserved.

Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G. Hill.

This is really fun! No planning, no editing… just let the creativity flows…

I just realised that this is also considered a promot for Just Jot It January.  #JusJoJan



46 thoughts on “#SoCS Jan 2nd & #JusJoJan

  1. This is a pretty special relationship we are developing here…since i have been following you for awhile… I have been able to watch you blossom into a writer! Way to get the creative juices flowing, great take on the prompt! ;0

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