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Just Jot It January 1st: Persnickety

Just Jot It January is a new challenge. May I call it a challenge? Hmm… anyway, you can find the rules here if you are interested to participate. πŸ™‚ The prompt for 1st Jan is Persnickety.

Well, I am persnickety – in everything I do, but I’m changing. For the better or worse? I really don’t know. I’ll go into every detail so much so that I sometimes irks people, my husband especially. LOL! My former boss – legal counsel and director of a listed company – loved this characteristic of mine though. We had to be meticulous when drafting legal documents and agreements. Maybe I was just over… you know… like a missing comma, a missing apostrophe, upper/lower case… etc… do you get the picture?

I’m changing. I can set high expectation of myself but I cannot force my expectation on others. Some feel that my expectations are too high, but I love to challenge myself to the limit. Still, I have to consider the people around me, whether they are up to it. Sometimes, I stressed myself out over nothing.

I just have to learn to take it easy and relax, and try not to be stressed when others cannot meet my expectation. This will be one of my new year’s resolutions.

Are you persnickety too? I would love to hear from you. πŸ™‚



25 thoughts on “Just Jot It January 1st: Persnickety

  1. Since you are an engineer that could explain why you are so persnickity. LOL! (Engineers are like that). I think it is healthy to compete against ourselves as long as we aren’t hard on ourselves when we don’t meet our own expectations. Just try again! Great post!

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  2. Love this word…it makes me feel like giggling…try and say it three times really fast…you can’t help but smile…I can’t say I am persnickety, however, I am very detail orientated, mmmm, is that the same thing AND…I am a perfectionist…geeeezzzzz…I guess I could be persnickety…fun, fun topic…happy new year everyone

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