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Best New Year’s Gift


“Of all the places I thought I would end up on New Year’s Eve…” 

“Oh… come on! You need to relax!”

Passing Pamela the bowling ball, Joyce added, “Here! Roll all your troubles and worries away, I’ll be right back!”

It had been awhile since Pamela last bowl. She had stopped bowling as it reminded her of her late father, who was a champion bowler. As she rolled the ball, tears streamed down her cheeks. The burdens that she was carrying with her were released with each ball she rolled. She missed her father. She missed bowling. Most of all, she missed herself. She had locked herself up and refused to meet anyone, except Joyce, her best friend.

Joyce, who was hiding at one corner watching over Pamela, was overjoyed to see her bowl again. She knew that Pamela needed time to heal and recover from the lost of her father and from a broken relationship. Regardless of the numerous rejections she faced, she knew that she was the only one who could bring Pamela back on her feet.

“Wow! You’ve gotten a turkey!” Joyce ran over and gave Pamela a bear hug.

“Thanks for this wonderful New Year’s gift, Pam.”

“That’s what friends are for!”

(192 words, excluding introductory sentence)

© 2015 Fun Simplicity @ Simply Me. All Rights Reserved.

Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner, hosted by Roger Shipp. This is a 200-words photo prompt beginning with an introductory sentence.

“Of all the places I thought I would end up on New Year’s Eve…” 


26 thoughts on “Best New Year’s Gift

  1. Pamela is fortunate to have Joyce as a friend. She really cares how Pamela is doing after the loss of her father and she is trying to help her adjust and move forward with her life. Moral support is so important to people. Just being with them can mean so much. Great story! 🙂

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