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An unusual vase


“Ta-da! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

“Wow! This is beautiful!… I’m sorry, dear… but I’m rushing to join your dad at the airport… we are flying off today – ”

“Oh ya! Don’t worry, mom! Your vase is safe with me. Have a great Mother’s Day trip!”


Lucy was awaken by Coco’s incessant barks. When she opened her bedroom door, she was stunned. What’s that? The vase glows?!

She touched the vase and the glow overwhelmed her.


When Lucy opened her eyes, she found herself in an unfamiliar place.

This… looks like… a room in some dynasty…

She looked at herself, and panicked. What’s this… weird costume? Am I filming?

Then she heard some noises coming from outside the room. She poked a hole through the paper plastered door, and saw two men having a conversation. They were dressed in a weird costume like her. She listened intently.

The other man is addressing this guy as Prince Yong… Don’t tell me he’s Yin Zhen – Emperor Yongzheng – a son of Kangxi Emperor?! Can’t be. They must be filming.

She looked carefully. There isn’t any crew or equipment. The seller had warned me about the vase. So it’s true! I really travel in time – back to Qing Dynasty!

She fainted.

(205 words)

Β© 2015 Fun Simplicity @ Simply Me. All Rights Reserved.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction, hosted by Alastair Forbes. Thank you Alastair.

The challenge is to write a story or poem, with around 200 words, from the photo prompt provided.



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