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The Christmas Fairies (Part 2)


Delivering gifts alone is tedious. But I am delighted to have on board, Fairy Deb (to find out more about Fairy Deb and her magical works, click here). She is sacrificing her sleeping time to help out with the delivery. My heartfelt thanks to her. Here is an account of our gift delivery adventure.


We were flying from home to home when Fairy Deb came to a sudden halt.

“What’s wrong, Deb?”

“Did you see that little girl, squatting outside that house?”

“Oh! It’s Chloe! Poor Chloe must be waiting for her parents again.”

“Why didn’t she wait inside her house? It’s freezing out here!”

“She’s afraid that she might fall asleep again, and miss her parents who will return for only a few hours, and leave for work again in another town.”

“Poor Chloe… 😦 … I have an idea!”

Fairy Deb took out a pink pouch from her sling bag.

“This will keep her awake and energised!” She flew next to Chloe. Just as she was about to place the pink pouch next to Chloe, Chloe stretched out her hands and almost hit Fairy Deb. Caught off guard, Fairy Deb lost her balance and fell, dropping the pouch onto the ground with a loud crack!

“Are you… alright?” I asked.


“Then… can you get up now?… I think my tiny bones are breaking… under you…”

“Oops!” Fairy Deb got up quickly, and pulled me up from the ground. “You left a nice print on the snow!” She teased.

“I was trying to catch you, but you landed on me instead! … By the way, what’s in that pink pouch… making the cracking sound?”

“Oh dear! My cookies are ruined!”

“Why did you bring a bag of cookies with you? Or… do you have more than one in your sling bag?”

“Well… I need the energy to fly. So those might come handy! πŸ˜€ ”

“Brilliant idea!”

“But that packet of cookies have broken into pieces… 😦 Never mind, I can give her another pack.”

“Wait! I can fix that!” I flew next to the pouch, and sprinkled some fairy dust over it. The pink pouch became hundred times bigger.

Fairy Deb was pleased. She flew in front of Chloe, and said, “Eat while you wait, you’ll be awake no matter how late.”

Chloe stared at her quizzically.

“She couldn’t hear you. We are too soft to be heard.” I said.

“Oh!” Fairy Deb flew next to the pink pouch, which was lying on the ground, as Chloe watched.

“Are these for me?” Chloe asked.

Fairy Deb nodded.

Chloe opened the pouch, and was excited to see the cookies inside.

“Thank you, fairy!” She said.

Fairy Deb was very happy to hear her first thank you from a human friend.

“Come on! We still have a lot of deliveries to make.” I pulled Fairy Deb along. She was grinning from ear to ear for the entire night.


I’ve submitted a proposal to the management to hire Fairy PJ as the interviewer. With her experience and expertise, we will not have fairies flying off on the first assignment any more.

Β© 2015 Fun Simplicity. All Rights Reserved.

If you’ve missed Part 1, click here.

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    1. The cookies belongs to Fairy Deb. She was kind enough to share some with Chloe, who might be hungry and sleepy while waiting for her parents πŸ˜€ LOL! πŸ˜€

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