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Where did my comments go?


Yesterday, I had spent the entire morning reading posts at the Reader and commenting at numerous wonderful posts.

I was wondering why no one replied to my comments. Maybe my notification was not working. Hence, I decided to visit some of the sites again to check for replies. But sadly, all my comments had disappeared!!! That explained why no one had replied to me! I tried leaving the comments again, second time, third time… but each time I refreshed the screen, my comments disappeared! Even today! All the comments that I had left vanished into thin air! cry-smiley

I was able to like the posts but not able to leave any comment. This is weird! Not sure since when this started. Therefore, I would like to apologise to all of you.


You have written wonderful posts and stories. I enjoyed reading them, and had left my comments too! But they simply vanished!!! Halloween is over, but the spell wasn’t lifted from my account, I guess!

Another weird thing happened to me. Yesterday, my girl was reading my draft for the NaNoWriMo. Half way through the story, the words began to blink. The entire chapter was blinking non-stop. 😦 It was perfectly fine when I wrote it few days ago. Thank God I had saved another copy.

I wished I can leave comments on your wonderful posts soon. 😦

Do you have the same encounter?


52 thoughts on “Where did my comments go?

  1. I sometimes have issues “following” blogs from the Reader but someone told me that it was because certain blogs are on and not When in the Reader, I usually click past it and go directly to the blog instead of commenting on the first layer of the Reader. Why? I noticed that if I click on the Like button on the blog itself, it doesn’t show up on the Reader. So to be sure, I go straight to the blog.

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    1. I realised that too! I tried leaving comments on the blog itself but after clicking on ‘post comment’, it didn’t appear on the blog. 😰 I couldn’t leave any comments on and WP. org sites 😭 except on my own blog.

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  2. oh dear the fickle nature of Technology! Beware of the blinking! last time my Laptop did that , it died a very untimely and permanent death a few weeks later. Make sure you are up to date on your back ups!

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      1. Yeah, I realised that you type very fast yet accurate! πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
        I’m an old fashion typewriter so I type pretty slow LOL ☺️

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  3. Been there, done that myself. It can be really, really frustrating. Indeed, it’s the reason I vanished for the 6 weeks I was abroad. It happened so often using my android device and app that I gave up in disgust and despair.

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    1. Indeed very frustrating! But sometimes we only have time to read when on the go or while waiting/queueing. That’s why mobile app is friendly but now it’s tormenting. 😰

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    1. I haven’t. I’ve only posted a question at Blogging U πŸ™‚ Hopefully it’ll reach the technical team somehow. Will email them if it doesn’t resolve. Thanks, PJ. πŸ™‚
      PS: I’ve commented on your Flower Power, did it land in your spam?


      1. If I’m not wrong, I post more than once because my first comment disappeared. I kept trying haha…seems like they had flown to LaLa land 😰

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      2. I just had a live chat with WP engineer. She said my comments to your post went through! But didn’t say why it’s not showing up. She did a check on my account too, and there’s nothing wrong. Am just keeping my fingers crossed that the problem will resolve by itself soon. 😦


      3. That is really strange! Because if you commented on the post, Flower Power, they certainly are not in the comments section of that post. Not too long ago I sent out my FFfAW Challenge and it apparently went through but didn’t come to me and I’m signed up to get emails for it. I contacted help and they said it was sent out to me, but it never came to me!

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  4. It happened to me this morning and last night. I couldn’t answer a comment because the send button couldn’t go through. Also, if you comment on lots of blogs, WP’s robots will assume you’re a bad person and send your comments to moderation or worse. Some of my regular readers end up in there, too, so I check the folder frequently. It is frustrating but there is not much we can do except wait for a better algorithm. x

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    1. Seriously?! Oh mind goodness! I guess I have to slow down or stop temporary. Hopefully it will know that I’m ‘good’. Thanks a lot for sharing this info. πŸ™‚

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      1. Some very safe words get flagged, too. I don’t think you should stop commenting but don’t be discouraged, that’s all. It’s good of you to alert your readers to what might be happening. Keep up the good work, FS. x

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