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The statue of Jane

Photo by: Sonya – Only 100 words


Mary: “Sophie, look! Isn’t that the statue of Jane?”

Sophie: “Yes, indeed! It’s her.”

Mary: “What happened to her?”

Sophie: “She broke the rule! There are rules everywhere, even over HERE!”

Mary: “Did she steal an apple from the garden of Eden?”

Sophie: “No. She fell in love!”

Mary: “With whom?”

Sophie: “With a mortal, whose soul she was supposed to cull.”

Mary: “So he’s still alive?”

Sophie: “Don’t be silly! Once the person’s life is due, there is no extension! Jane knew that very well. Even if she refused to cull his soul, another white reaper would do so. She is so silly.”

Mary: “Who eventually culled his soul?”

Sophie: “Me!”

Mary: “Did you turn her into a statue?”

Sophie: “Of course not! I tried to help her… I culled his soul and put her name on the record, instead of mine. But she insisted in telling the elder the truth.”

Mary: “Why?”

Sophie: “She said, since he’s dead, she didn’t want to live either. As a form of punishment, the elder turned her into a statue.”

(163 words)

© 2015 Fun Simplicity. All Rights Reserved.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Challenge #38.

Thank you Priceless Joy for hosting the weekly challenge, and Sonya for supplying the photo.


  • a flash fiction challenge (stories in 100-175 words or less)
  • each story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end
  • no serial (continuation) stories
  • include a pingback to the challenge post

39 thoughts on “The statue of Jane

    1. Thank you, Deborah. 🙂 The Elder wanted her punishment to serve as a warning to the other reapers so they won’t make the same mistake. 🙂

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  1. I’m sensing a theme as I begin to read other’s posts, punishment in the form of a statue. Ironic, because angels I think are relatable with peace and God watching over us. But I understand the Angel not caring if she became stone, because her lover is dead. Great piece!

    Liked by 1 person

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