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Blessing 17: A Blessed Thursday

Was so busy for the whole of yesterday, till late at night. Finally, when I managed to sit down, opened my laptop, I realised that I had not done my assignment! I did a quick piece and also submitted an entry for Limerick Poetry Challenge hosted by Rashmi @ Mind and Life Matters. It was way passed my sleeping time, I seriously wondered if I had written those 2 poems properly!

Back dated: 8 October 2015 (Thursday)


#1: Mom came on Thursday, bringing along 2 big pomelos, which granny had “ordered” her to deliver to me. Hahaha! Granny knew that my mom is freer than me!

Granny always remembers my favourite food, yet my mom doesn’t even know what I like to eat! In fact, my mom gets to know me better through my granny. Since granny is wheel-chaired, she can’t travel as freely as she used to. So mom has become her handywoman! I am so thankful and grateful to granny for sending me the pomelos. Thank You, Granny!love-is-around

My mom bought 2 mangoes for me too! Thank You, Mom!heres-a-kiss

#2: Dad came on Thursday too, after mom had left. He brought an ionizer for me from his home, even though I told him that I already had 1. He insisted that I put more at home since the haze has worsen. It’s hard to reject his kindness. Thank You, Dad! love-smiley

#3: My girl left her pencil case in the school’s Art Room on Thursday! I hurriedly call the school. The admin staff was about to leave when I called (according to her, she was the last person in the school!). After telling her our situation, she told me to go to school on Friday to retrieve the pencil case. (Friday, which was yesterday, was a school holiday – Children’s Day.) She was kind enough to assist us to retrieve the pencil case. It would be disastrous if we have to wait till the coming Monday, as my girl has exam on that day. Thank You, Sharon! wink

What a blessed Thursday! throwing-confetti


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