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Imperfect Parenting


They lost the spelling list, now

lose the timetable. Wow!

I’ve never met this kind of parents who

are so uninterested in their children. They never had a clue

what the children learnt in school somehow.

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In response to Writing 201, Day 4: Imperfect, Limerisk, Enjambment

Today, write a poem about the imperfect nature of someone or something.

Today’s form: limerick

The limerick at a glance:

  • Limericks are traditionally composed of five lines of verse.
  • The traditional rhyming scheme of a limerick is a a b b a — the first two lines rhyme, then the next two, and the final verse rhymes with the first couplet.

Today’s device: enjambment
Today’s poetic device is all about the arrangement of words on the page, and how that arrangement affects the pace of our reading: enjambment. It may sound like a mouthful. But what it describes is a really simple phenomenon: when a grammatical sentence stretches from one line of verse to the next.

I’d really love to finish this sentence here, but
The rest got kicked over to this line.

Today’s topic on imperfect is just so perfect! Perfect timing!

This morning I received messages from the parents of my girl’s class. Previously, they had asked so many silly questions. YES! Silly questions that you can never imagined! For example,

  • Two days ago, the school had informed the parents via electronic means and letter handouts that the Sports Day (originally today) is cancelled. The teachers had also reminded the children yesterday. Yet, we had some parents who messaged everyone this morning asking whether is the Sports Day still on?!
  • One parent has the cheek to announce that she lost the child’s timetable (not sure since when). That means, the child has been bringing all his/her books everyday because he/she doesn’t have the timetable! Doesn’t she make a copy of it? I have 2: 1 to leave at home and 1 to bring to school! I’ve never heard any parent losing the child’s timetable before!
  • The children were all given the spelling list at the beginning of each term. Every now and then, we’ll have parents losing the children’s spelling list and asking the other parents for a copy. This applies to both the English and Chinese spelling lists. Could you imagine how often they would have asked? Almost every week!!!

I agreed to have this class group chat as it would be convenient for the teacher to inform us of any emergency, like school closure. However, there are parents who simply take this for granted and never bother to change their irresponsible attitude. It’s always the same parents who misplaced their homework/spelling lists/timetable, not once, not twice…I lost count, really! faint

I simply cannot imagine why some parents can be so unconcerned towards their children. Aren’t they anxious to know what happened in the school today? Are their children having fun, being bullied, or having difficulty in their studies? Some just simply throw their parenting responsibilities to their helper. They expect their helper to care and educate the children. When something goes wrong, they blame the helper. But they NEVER blame themselves!

It sad to see parents who are more concerned about themselves than their children.

What the children need, is the parents, not anyone else. We may not be able to spend the entire day with our children, but we can definitely spare them few minutes. Sometimes, the children only want the parents to listen to them attentively for those few minutes, to look at them, to hug them, to say how much they love them. They are only young once. Therefore, we should give them the love and concern now, and not wait till something bad happened then regret, “if only…”.

I could rant on the topic of irresponsible parenting for hours. But I should stop. bouncing


5 thoughts on “Imperfect Parenting

  1. This is sadly true, many parents don’t have the slightest clue what’s going in their children life, all they care about is work and money, no time for children.
    Beautiful rhyming by the way ❤

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