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Blessing 16: Awards


My heartfelt thanks to Rashmi of Mind and Life Matters for nominating me the following awards:

I got the inspiration from Rashmi to combine all the awards into a single post. It was her fabulous idea! smile

Thank you, Rashmi! Your idea is wonderlicious star-thumbs-up!

Here are few facts about me:

  1. I had never written any story/fiction prior to having this blog.
  2. I only started writing flash fiction and micro fiction after I had attended Blogging 101 course in August this year. I didn’t even know I could write fiction! That was a new discovery!
  3. The reason why I am able to write is because there are so many friends like you, who have encouraged and motivated me. Spiritdancing (aka Darlene Siddons) once told me, ” you are better than you think you are… πŸ™‚” She had turned ON my writing switch!
  4. Now I think I am hooked to writing.
  5. I’m not a person with many words. Most of the time, I prefer to listen then to talk. See, I can’t even say much about myself as I don’t know what to say!

Now, the nominees for all of the above awards are:

Spiritdancing @ Quality of Life 4U

Jacqueline @ A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales

NJ @ Ame Talk

Kelly @ honestme363

Chioma @ life home and away

Juli Hoffman @ Roundabout Forty

Angie @ Angie Trafford

Anand @ blabberwockying

Indira @ Indira’s Blog

Rosema @ A Reading Writer

koolitzable @ My Simple Daily Blog

Nadine @ Voyager Of Freedom

Goldencougarwolf @ A Yooper Story

Ramida @ Candelescent

Jasmin @ Just a bunch of nuggets

Do check out these fabulous blogs!

Have a great week ahead! send-kiss

PS: You are free to accept or reject the award(s). No obligation. πŸ™‚


35 thoughts on “Blessing 16: Awards

  1. Brilliant! I am laughing out loud because this is just the idea that I am working on too! The nominations are quite a few so I have to merge them instead of doing it one after the other. Thank you my dear for the nomination. I do appreciate your warm gesture and shall get to it asap. Kind regards.

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  2. Wow that is a ton of awards. I do have some of those on my blog already. After harvesting I will have to come back and see which ones I don’t have. We have been hurrying right now with the garden and canning. We had frost. We had to cover whatever we couldn’t get out of the ground. But THANK YOU for nominating me. I am so glad you found your inner bard.

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  3. Congratulations πŸ™‚

    Nice idea of combining these awards.

    Which award have I been nominated for? What? All of these? Yay!! Thank you so much for being so kind.

    Have a lovely week ahead.

    Love and light ❀

    Anand πŸ™‚

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  4. Congratulations to you all! I’m a bit behind on my assignments so will sepnd a few hours today catching up on all your posts….I knew there was another highlight of Blogging/Writing 101, being able to share all these wonderful blogging achievements.

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