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Writing 101, Day 8: Expand a comment


Writing 101, Day 8: Expand a comment

To read the comments you’ve made, visit your My Comments page, which you can access in the sidebar of your Reader. Look for a comment you can expand on — one that can evolve into a new post, where you can continue the discussion or address a related idea or topic.

This is the only assignment that I had KIV till now (and today is the last day of the course…oops!). I didn’t make any comment that could be developed into a post, except for this.

In response to a post by HumaAq, I recalled the first time I sent my little girl to childcare centre while she was two. As she was rather clingy, I couldn’t leave her side, till the teacher distracted her with toys. The moment she realised that I was gone, she cried.

sad-ponyI peeped through the centre’s window to check on her. Sobbing, she went to the stack of toys, took a toy phone, and started to press the numbers. Then she put the toy phone to her ear and started to cry for mommy. My heart melted at that sight. I was in a dilemma: Should I go in now? Or should I just go home? I decided to stay for a while longer.

For 30 minutes, she didn’t stop calling me on that toy phone. That’s it! I surrendered!

I know! I know I should have just persevered. But I was too weak.


8 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day 8: Expand a comment

  1. Very touching, and I don’t blame you I would do the same
    When Nelly, my cousin’s daughter that I love as if she was my own, I went to school on her very first day to pick her up to our home after classes were finished, when I first saw her I start having tears in my eyes, my lil girl has grown up

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