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Writing 101, Day 18: A map as your muse

Changi General Hospital

Since I had a follow-up consultation this morning at Changi General Hospital, I decided to use this map for today’s assignment.

The route for the follow-up:

Station 1: Scan your appointment letter at the kiosk for queue number
I arrived 30 minutes before my appointment. There were already 40 patients before me. 😦

Station 2: Pre-consultation check (by nurse)
The nurse would take eye pressure and reading check. However, this time round, they put eye drops to dilate my pupil, so that the doctor could have a better view of the back of my eyes.

Station 3: Waiting Area
It took about 30 minutes for my pupil to dilate. After the nurse had confirmed that my pupils had dilated, I proceeded to the waiting area outside the Consultation room. Continued to wait.

Station 4: Consultation
My consultant was busy. Thus, she appointed another doctor to see me. (I love young doctors. They are friendlier and willing to answer my questions, which my consultant isn’t. I always have lots of questions to ask…haha!) All checks were normal but they still had to put me on long-term medication! Can’t believe it!!!

Station 5: Proceed to Cashier (for Consultation)
I paid for today’s consultation and made appointment for my next follow-up in 9 months time. I’m really sick of this place 😦

Station 6: Pharmacy
There are 3 stages at the Pharmacy:

a) Take queue number and submit prescription letter.
b) Wait for queue number to be called. Then collect medicine.
c) Make payment at cashier for medicine.

I spent about 3 hours in the hospital. Entire morning gone! Worse thing was, I couldn’t read or write during those 3 hours as my pupils were dilated! I didn’t expect to dilate my pupils, hence, I didn’t bring my sunglasses. The moment I stepped out of the hospital, I thought I would go blind ‘cos it was so bright that I could hardly open my eyes. It took me almost 6 hours for my eyes to return to normal!

What a day!

Writing 101, Day 18: A map as your muse

Today, let a map be your muse. Select an area anywhere in the world on Google Maps (or your preferred online map tool), or a section on a paper map, and use this as inspiration for your post. Some ideas:

  • Tell us about your connection to this place. If you’ve never been there, why did you choose it?
  • Pen a poem inspired by the area’s topography.
  • Write a piece of memoir in the form of directions from point A to point B, in which each item reveals something about you or the area, like in Anna Fonte’s “How to Get There.
  • Use this geographic map as a model for a mental and more imaginary map, like this map of the lyrical essay from Nina Gaby.
  • Switch to Street View and write a story based on what you see.
  • Write an essay set in this location, like Dinty Moore’s Google Maps piece, “Mr. Plimpton’s Revenge.”

6 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day 18: A map as your muse

  1. Boy, can I relate to you about dr.’s appointments. I love how you wait after you check in, then they call your name. You get excited, then you have to wait forever in this small exam room, just looking at the door to open. One time I had to wait an hour. I was so mad, I wanted to tell the dr. I was charging him for my time. They say if you are late for your appointment they can charge you. I didn’t, but wanted to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂 I dread going for dr’s appointment 😦 especially when you have to wait for so many hours just to see the dr for few mins 😦


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