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Coffee, Tea or Me?

Tea, anyone? I would prefer tea to coffee. I’m a tea lover. I drink green tea, bubble tea, milk tea, Ceylon tea, ginger tea, herbal tea, red tea, camomile tea, peppermint tea, rose tea… the list goes on. I drink tea everyday. I drink tea after every meal. I’m a tea addict. πŸ™‚ Is anyone of you a tea lover like me?

I love to have some cupcakes or Madeleine to go with my tea. What about you?



Writing 101, Day 10: Update your readers over a cup of coffee

It’s a simple idea, but offers a bit more structure to your post β€” and is a lot more fun. So today, write an update post in the form of a virtual coffee date.

If this post isn’t fitting for your blog, or just not your style, here’s your alternative: use a coffee shop as your inspiration.

  • Set your poem or short story in a cafe.
  • Go to your neighborhood spot with your laptop or notebook and free-write for 20 minutes, prompted by what you observe.
  • Love or hate coffee? Tell us why.

Can’t we have a tea date instead?


14 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea or Me?

      1. Pardon me, I didn’t know “kaki” has so many meanings and some are really bad. In Singapore, we refer “kaki” to “buddy”. Had made the necessary change πŸ˜„

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