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My secret mission

sc picture prompt #83

“Why do you come here when we are supposed to go for our honeymoon? Can we leave yet?” Sarah asked impatiently. I smiled at her sweetly yet apologetically.

“I have a mission to accomplish. I cannot turn back. There is no turning back anyway,” the voice inside me echoed.

We walked on.

She continued to rant.

She was definitely unhappy with me. But that was fine with me. I’ve learnt to live with the rantings and cursing of those women whom I’d brought here. Hundreds? Maybe, thousands. I had stopped counting since it was nothing praise worthy.

I didn’t mean to toy with their feelings. I loved them too. But it’s my mission to bring them to HIM, the Demon King.

We stopped in front of the house.

The door creaked open slightly.

Before Sarah could breathe a word, she was sucked into the house in a flash.

“Mission accomplished!” I smiled.

(153 words)

© 2015 Fun Simplicity. All Rights Reserved.


Written for Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #83


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