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Dear diary

Photo by Priceless Joy
Photo by Priceless Joy for the 30th Challenge of FFfAW


15/10/1945, Rainy

Hello diary! From today, you are mine! You are my reward for being the most responsible student in class! Yippee!


28/1/1955, Rainy

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday party! I’m so excited. I can’t sleep…how?


25/12/1962, Rainy

I saw him at Cheri’s Christmas party! Love at first sight? Oh my! Didn’t know I will fall in love so easily…

christmas TREE_clipart_09

24/12/1963, Rainy

Tomorrow is my wedding day. I’m marrying him! Can’t believe it! Please don’t rain tomorrow, please, please?


14/2/1965, Rainy

Dr Wong just showed me an ultrasound scan of my baby. Can’t imagine having a new life inside of me.


8/9/1965, Rainy

Jamie is born.


29/6/96, Rainy

Sorry, Diary. I thought I had lost you. All those shifts had hidden you well. I have aged, and so are you! All my children have grown up and have a life of their own. Paul had succumbed to his illness 2 years ago. I was all alone. But now I have you.


29/03/2015, Rainy

I’m sorry, Diary, I can’t stay with you for long. Thank you for being here for me. Farewell.

(172 words)

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Written in response to the 30th Challenge of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thank you Priceless Joy for the weekly photo prompt.


18 thoughts on “Dear diary

  1. Very unusual and poignant response to the prompt. Amazing how you were able to incorporate an entire lifetime in less than 200 words. Amazing! I really enjoyed reading this! Very creative. Thank you so much for participating in the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers weekly challenge!

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