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My wish list

Writing 101, Day 2: Write a list

Today, write your own list on one of these topics:

  • Things I Like
  • Things I’ve Learned
  • Things I Wish

I’ve chosen “Things I Wish”…


  1. I wish the haze will clear so that I could breathe fresh air everyday.
  2. I wish our piano teacher will not constantly increase the fees.
  3. I wish there is no need to have make up piano lessons for Public Holidays…because our schedule is already so packed 😦
  4. I wish I can find a new and good piano teacher who charges less and is more flexible.
  5. I wish there is new epic to challenge and complete in the Walkr. It’s getting boring now.
  6. I wish I can see improvement in my writing after completing the Writing 101.
  7. I wish I can be a writer one day.
  8. I wish I can be more confident in writing.
  9. I wish I can encourage my children to write.
  10. I wish my application as a subtitler will be successful.
  11. I wish I can be a fairy or have a fairy friend ^_^
  12. I wish my eyes will recover completely.
  13. I wish my parents, granny, family, relatives and friends good health.
  14. I wish Singapore will have a good government who will look after the interest of her people.
  15. I wish there is better benefits for the citizens, and not make us feel like second citizen.
  16. I wish Singpost will deliver the letters and parcels punctually and carefully.
  17. I wish the food handlers in food courts will be more hygienic.
  18. I wish the public will use the public toilets like their own.
  19. I wish there is no more sales of cigarettes.
  20. I wish all my wishes will comes true.

I’ve decided to stop the I wish list at 20 items, else it will go on and on…and on. There are so many things that are not within my control…I can only wish

wish star


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