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Some advice to “Hook” you in

This post really wakes me up! My little girl has been asking me to play with her. But my answer has always been..”Wait! I’m busy now!” She’ll reply sadly, “You are never free!”

Thanks for the wake up call, Big Nugget 🙂

The Nugget Life

Lately, we’ve been allowing Little Nugget to watch a copious amount of television (in my opinion). Although I try that the shows he watches be for the most part educational like WordWorld, Super Why!, or Monster Math Squad, I still feel like his little brain should only be allowed to watch a couple of hours a week. (He goes well beyond a couple of hours a week.) I can assure you that I grew up watching more television than Little Nugget and I came out alright, so why do I feel so guilty? Anyways, last night, while actually sitting and watching a movie with Little Nugget, I had a realization. We were watching the movie Hook, and the following was said by Caroline Goodall who plays Moira Banning, Peter Pan’s wife:

“Your children love you. They want to play with you. How long do you think that lasts? Soon…

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