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Stressed = Desserts?

Macha ice green tea blend with macha ice-cream @ MOF
Ice Macha green tea blend with Macha ice-cream @ MOF

Most of you would have known that STRESSED equates to DESSERTS when spelled backwards. I love desserts, especially cold ones. It makes my mind freezes in time and drown all my worries.

Has anyone tried to drown your sorrows with alcohol? Alcohol, or well I prefer cocktail, is best drank at leisure so you can enjoy the combinations of infusions. Using it to drown your sorrows will only cause hangover, and problem still unsolved. Therefore, I find that indulging in cold desserts is a better alternative!

However, I don’t have sweet tooth! This pose a problem. Whenever I eat anything sweet, be it ice-creams, cakes, donuts, etc , I HAVE TO EAT CHILLI or anything spicy thereafter! Sounds crazy? Yah, I know. I have no idea why. Desserts are normally served after meal, but I will always have it the other way round. (Just for your info, most of the food I eat is spicy. I simply cannot survive without chilli. I don’t like chilli sauce though ‘cos they are sweet!)

J.Co. box of 12 (normal donuts)
J.Co. Baby Donuts – box of 24

During the recent long golden jubilee weekend, we had donuts at J.Co. We normally order that on special occasion. We ordered 1 box of 12 normal size donuts and 1 box of 24 baby donuts. It was yummy-licious! Everyone was satisfied and full, except for me. I headed to the nearby food court to have a bowl of Tom Yam seafood soup. THAT was satisfying!

I love desserts. Thus, this weird problem of mine will not deter me from pampering myself. I’ll just have to carry a bottle of sambal chilli, or best still, chilli padi, wherever I go!

Thanks for reading my absurd dessertology post!

Have a great week ahead! ^_-


PS: Can this post be considered as Day 11’s assignment of making a prompt personal??? ^_^


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