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A visit to Piran Café

With so many fabulous blogs out there, it can be hard to zoom in to focus on just one. Many blogs have inspired and/or touched me in one way or another. I look forward to their new posts everyday. Some post regularly on a special day. This blog that I am going to share, updates every Monday. Does it sound familiar to you?

A reporter, blogger cum photographer “driven by a lust for travel, art, culture and justice”, Bob travels around the world taking pictures of blighted mannequins. Of course, he blogs about other stuff as well, but I’m just going to focus on this special feature in his blog that I fear and yet love.

Fear??? Yes…you didn’t read wrongly. Buy why? I had never fancy mannequins. In fact, I find them scary. When I looked at them, I felt as if they were staring back at me! They just sent chills down my spine! Do you feel the same way about mannequins too? What kind of experience(s) do you have with mannequin?

When I first visited the site, I was startled by one of the mannequins. Should I show that to you?

Here it is…..(click the photo for the link or here for details)…


Image too small? Well, it still scares me, that’s why I’d decided to just put a thumbnail and provide the link to that actual picture instead…^_^ Go ahead and view it!

So…have you seen the picture? Did it wake you up completely? ^_-

Since then, I find myself wanting to see more…curiosity kills the cat…haha

After reading all the mannequins posts…guess how did I feel?

SAD!!! Yes…I felt sad for the mannequins…a feeling I never had before for a non-living thing. It seemed like they had a story to tell…a sad one. This mannequin evoked the most emotions in me.

(Click the photo for the link)

Credit: Bob Ramsak

She was useful…she was dressed up beautifully everyday…she looked as gorgeous as a superstar…every passer-by would stop in front of her…mesmerised by her beauty, captivated by her charm…she was the most coveted woman in town…

One day, the boss who dressed her regularly broke up with his girlfriend…she could sense his sadness, his frustrations, his anger…she wished she could help…but she couldn’t move an inch…however, she knew she could lend him a shoulder to cry on, and a listening ear without interruptions…

That night…that fearful night…he had enough…he removed her clothings…she was cold, naked and fearful…he hit her, vented his frustrations on her…he broke her hands…she didn’t mind because she knew he would fix her back in no time…she was his favourite…the only one he cared to dressed regularly…

Suddenly, it was pitched dark…she knew she was transported somewhere…he was bringing her to the manufacturer to get her fixed, she thought…it started pouring cats and dogs…the gusty wind blew away the only covering on her…she found herself in a cold, deserted, unfamiliar place…he had left her there…he had abandoned her…he didn’t want her…still, she hoped that he would return one day…but little did she know that she was a present from his girlfriend…a gift that would torment him, and constantly reminded him of his girl…

Gosh! I didn’t know I had written so long! Hope I didn’t bore you with my imagination…but that was the story I perceived from the picture…what about you?

Why don’t you join me for a cup of tea at the Piran Café? I believed you will be intrigued by the blog.

See you soon! ^_^


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