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Blessing 10 – SG50 NDP 2015

2015 National Day’s Celebration was spectacular and awesome. Look at the programme that lined up for that day! It was a fruitful and fun-filled day for everyone.

Our home-grown singers and celebrities were featured throughout the integrated show, including JJ Lin who performed the NDP 2015 theme song “Our Singapore“, as well as original singers of past well-liked NDPs theme songs – Stefanie Sun, Corrinne May and Kit Chan.

JJ Lin performing “Our Singapore”

To make this golden jubilee even more special, there were celebrations at the heartland.

@ Tampines Community Plaza: where the residents of Tampines GRC gathered to watch the NDP Live together.



What a great turn out! Full house!
Kit Chan performing “Home”

Kit Chan hyped up the crowd with her grand finale of “Home” – a well-loved 1998 NDP theme song.

Fireworks @ Padang and Bay

The celebration was brought to a close with a five-minutes long fireworks at the Padang and Bay – the largest ever in the history of NDP. Although we were not there, we had our mini live fireworks at Tampines.

(Pardon me as the video wasn’t very well taken because we weren’t sure exactly where the fireworks would be displayed.)

* NDP: National Day Parade

Some background…



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