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Thank You!

I am very touched and surprised to receive notifications that someone had liked my post and/or followed my blog. I am grateful to you, my friends, for liking and following me. I wanted to find out more about you as well. Hence, I visited your blogs too.

Visiting your blogs have created a brand new chapter in my life: A world full of amazement. How could I miss out wonderful blogs like yours? A Must-Follow! NOT out of obligation, but out of sincerity. I look forward to your next post.

Note for me:
Before I published this post, I decided to take a glance at today’s assignment from Blogging 101. I was surprised to realise that I had completed Assignment 3* even before it was assigned to me! I didn’t know that liking posts and following blogs are part and parcel of blogging! I merely liked and followed because I REALLY  like the posts and blogs! I am curious and anxious to know what will happen to “Pari”. Can’t wait.

*Assignment 3: “Say Hello to the Neighbour” – follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.


13 thoughts on “Thank You!

      1. Just graduated highschool from there last year. Seriously I miss so many prata and lao ban beancurd. Just can’t find a good enough substitute here :(.

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