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“Take control of your title and tagline”

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Assignment 2
– In the Beginning:
I received Assignment 2 at 8am (Singapore time). This assignment sounds easy but it’s actually quite hard. I spent 2 hours thinking about it and I’m still stuck!

– In the Process:
I had thought of titles like chillipadi, lovesimplicity, blessings, etc (and some other titles that I cannot remember). Then I tried to change my URL to suit my title because it is easier to remember the site if the title is the same as the URL. However, these URLs are taken and are actually skeleton sites – empty site with no content.

– In the End:
Therefore, I’ve decided to leave the title as it is. I’ve added a tagline though. Not sure if it sounds okay but that’s all I can come up with -_-

Tagline: “Count your blessings, not your woes”

What do you think of my title? Should I change it to something like “Let’s start counting?” Or should I just leave it alone?


6 thoughts on ““Take control of your title and tagline”

  1. While scrolling through the Blogging 101 tags, I came across your title and tagline. I immediately clicked on it! Why? Because it made smile 🙂
    We often focus so much on the negative that we overlook all the positive.
    So thank you for this inspirational post!
    Now I can get back to figuring out my title and tagline with a far more positive attitude!

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