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Is it a library or a playground?

A visit to the Tampines Regional Library (TRL) yesterday has changed my perceptive of a library.

To me, a library is a quiet and peaceful place with a vast collection of books, references and resources, and is also a great place to study. However, at TRL yesterday, I was appalled at the sight of babies crying, children playing catching and children kicking bottle! For once, I thought I was at the playground!

This boy and the boy in black shirt (shown in picture below) were kicking and throwing the plastic bottle at each other.


This boy was getting ready to kick the plastic bottle to his friend in pink (shown in picture above).


Another group of children (a girl and 2 boys) were playing catching in the background.

Was not sure if their parents were there, but no one stopped them. I informed the librarian at the customer service counter. She went in immediately, and I follow suit. I overheard her telling the boy’s mother that the dustbin was nearby should they wish to throw away the plastic bottle. Below is a video of their “game”.


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