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Blessing 9 – A great catchup

My alma mater hosted a SG50 Carnival on 1st August. I went there because my children were performing. Hence, I wasn’t expecting much except to spend money – well, carnival is all about raising fund!

After having my breakfast at the carnival and sending my children up to their classrooms, I decided to go to the Hall to watch the P1’s performance. I was sitting there alone when I suddenly caught a glimpse of a familar face. It was Jing Xuan jie. She was seated 2 rows in front of me. I tapped her shoulder. She turned and was surprised to see me too! Her husband, Danny, was there too! Although we met in Jan 2014, we were really happy to see each other again in our alma mater. I was even more estatic when she said that her sis – my primary school buddy whom I’ve lost touch for 20 years – would be coming!

I waited and waited and waited…finally she arrived! We were like 2 long-lost bunnies who finally found their way home…hahaha

Jing Ying arrived just in time to watch the P2 performed a medley of 新摇 (xin yao) (uniquely Singapore-made songs) – 我们这一班,细水长流,早安老师,新衣哪有旧衣好. As we listened to their beautiful voices, we reminisced about our primary school days where we used to sing those songs before school started and during recess.

After the performances had ended, I went to pick up my girl from her classroom. On my way, I ran into Mei Lin, formerly from NPCC., whom I hadn’t met since we graduated. We didn’t have a chance to chat as I was running late. Anyway, we weren’t that close before so not sure if she even remembers me. Before I reached my girl’s classroom, I bumped into Shu Jun, another long-lost friend! To my surprise, her daughter is my girl’s classmate – just like we used to be!

Over at the Carnival, I met a few more friends whom I’d lost touch since we graduated, namely Cynthia and Lynn Wee. They both helped out at the Alumni booth. Of course, I wouldn’t miss exchanging our contacts.

I am truly grateful to the person who invented the mobile phone. In the past, we could only write to each other or call each other using the common home phone. However, when we shift house, we tend to lose some contacts. Sadly, I ended up losing my whole mini contact book. There is no way to reach any of them since then. I really miss all my friends. I am so glad that I went to the carnival. Now I have more reasons to go to their school’s functions. ^_-

A handmade bunny by one of the alumni – purchased @ the SG50 carnival

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