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Blessing 6 – Reunion dinner No.1 @ His.tori Fusion Japanese Korean BBQ Restaurant

Chines New Year (CNY) is coming soon. We all have to attend reunion dinner. It is like a family gathering once a year. Every year, I have to attend 3 reunion dinners. Most reunion dinners take place on the eve of CNY. If I attend them all in 1 day, I will suffer from indigestion. Thus, most of the time, I didn’t eat much. In the recent years, we decided to have reunion dinner on separate days. That way, we can all eat to our fill, instead of rushing from one location to another.

This year, for the reunion dinner with my in-laws, we decided to go to His.tori Fusion Japanese Korean BBQ Restaurant at Tanjong Pagar. As the name denotes, it offers wide varieties of Japanese and Korean meat for barbecue. Besides the barbecue grill buffet, it also offers free flow of soft drinks and desserts such as watermelon, milk pudding, ice cream and fruit jelly.

We went on last Saturday, 7th February 2015, @ 1pm. There weren’t many people. My sister-in-law purchased the coupon from The description in their website mentioned seafood such as prawn and clam, but there wasn’t any. Disappointing! They had Korean rice cake and Kimchi pancake, but no onion pancake, nor Korean rice ball. Another disappointment! I would say that the varieties available is about 50% of what was stated in the website. We felt cheated!

There was Hotpot Soup. But you can only choose between Kimchi Stew Soup or Miso Soup, per table. :(( We chose Kimchi stew soup since majority prefer Kimchi (10 out of 12). The Kimchi stew soup was rather tasteless. By adding some kimchi to it, made it tastier. There was seaweed soup, but it was rather salty. Even my children disliked it. According to the website, the food is MSG Free. However, we all felt that the food in general was rather salty. We were very thirsty after eating the food. As a result, we drank so much till we were rather full, hence, didn’t eat much.

My family loves Japanese and Korean food, especially Korean BBQ. However, we did not enjoy the food at His.tori. Despite the food was sub-standard, the service was great!


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