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Sometimes I really wonder if I should make my children study during their holiday or just let them play all the way.

My theory is: they only study for 1 hour, then they can play for the rest of the day, isn’t that good?

But to them, they want to play for the WHOLE DAY! (Well, I played during my entire school holiday too!) I knew that when school reopens, they will be too busy with their school work. Therefore, it is better to study a bit to prepare them mentally and not wait for their teachers to “throw the chunk of work” at them! However, maybe they are too young to understand this theory regardless of the number of times I explained.

Then again, after reading so many news articles about fatal accidents, I felt that being alive and healthy is more important. If we study so hard today, and be gone tomorrow, we would have wasted our time today! Yet, if we don’t study for our future, it isn’t a good thing either….sigh.

Hmm…successful people don’t become successful overnight, they worked hard for it! So we should also work hard and….. play hard too! BALANCE! That’s the word!

Gotta change my strategy…I already had a reward system…maybe I should change it to make it more enticing for them, that they will study automatically and yet enjoy doing that. YES! My new goal!


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