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Blessing 1 – Raining

During the 2014 Christmas party, one of the games organised by my bro was to share about our blessings/happiness. He had listed his blessings for the entire year. We, on the other hand, were thinking hard, especially me! Sometimes I couldn’t even remember what I did the day before, not to mention for the entire year. Sometimes, I dwelled too much in the unhappiness till I had forgotten how blessed I was before.

Therefore, I am starting this blog to record all the blessings and happiness I have encountered and received.


Let the story begins…
This afternoon, I was waiting for my girl to finish her class when it started pouring! I was thinking “Shit! Why rain now?” Not that I didn’t bring my umbrella – December is a raining season so cannot leave home without an umbrella – but it isn’t big enough for 2.

I just waited…and waited…and waited…
Soon her lesson ended…and the RAIN STOPPED! Phew! Thank God for that.


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